What Kinds of 3D Printers Have?

Nov 29, 2017

In the modern view, 3D Printer technology has been recognized by many industries. The types of industries we use are different, the types of 3D printing are certainly diverse rather than single. 

The first is fused deposition modeling. The nozzle uses hot melt nozzle and melt extrusion die, this is the common technology on the market. Its advantages are small size, easy maintenance, low cost. Next is the SLA technology, this technology content is high, the price is more expensive. But it has fine accuracy, no need to increase any support, small deformation, high strength. There are LOM technology, from large sheets to 3D parts. Its operation is fast and convenient, do not need any support, because there is no point scanning, it has fast speed, high efficiency. Finally is the 3D technology, it is similar to inkjet printer, it has low cost, wide material, and can be used repeatedly.

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