Do You Know The Working Principle of 3D Printer?

Dec 06, 2017

Because the 3D Printer working principles are complex and closer to the needs of people to use it 3D printer technology is almost an item that can be made of any shape. General industrial 3d printer is through the cross section to read the information in the file, use liquid, powder or flake materials will be printed out by the section layer, and each layer section in various ways together to create an entity, this is its special. 

The technology of China Plastic 3D Printer can shorten the time to several hours, of course, it depends on the performance of the printer and the size and complexity of the model. Traditional manufacturing technology such as Custom Injection Molding, can produce large number of polymer products at low cost. 3D printing technology can produce products with relatively small quantity in a faster, more flexible and lower cost way. 3d printing and laser forming technology use hierarchical processing and stacking molding to accomplish 3d entity printing.

China Plastic 3D Printer

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