Industrial 3D Printer Application

Dec 09, 2017

Industrial 3D Printers are completely different from civilian ones, it uses different technology to achieve rapid prototyping production. Although 3D Printer cost is high, its added value is even higher. It can be widely used in the following application:

1.Industrial manufacturing: product conceptual design, prototype production, product review, functional verification. 3D printed small unmanned aircraft, small cars and other conceptual products have come out. The model of home appliances printed by 3D is also used in the publicity and marketing activities of the enterprise.

2.Cultural creativity and digital entertainment: the form and structure is complex, material special art expression carrier. The science fiction movie “Afanda” uses 3D printing to shape part of the characters and props. 

3.Aeronautics and astronautics. National defense and military workers, small size and special performance.

4.Biological medicine, artificial bones, teeth and so on.

5.Consumer goods: design and manufacture of jewelry, clothing, toys and so on.

6.Construction engineering.

Industrial 3D Printer

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