The Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Construction Industry

Dec 13, 2017

Compared with traditional architecture, China 3D Printer technology has advantages, not only in fast speed, but also several times to more than traditional building technology. No need to use templates, it can save much cost and has characteristics of low carbon, green and environmental protection. It does not require a large number of construction workers, which greatly improves the production efficiency. It can easily print out other high cost curve buildings which are hard to build, and print out more concrete buildings with higher intensity and lighter.

3D printer can change the direction of the development of the construction industry and adopt more assembly buildings. Architects and engineers will use 3d printers to assist in their work throughout the whole process of conceptual design to construction. Plastic 3D Printer is t he fastest and the most economical and efficient way to produce pure white and high definition color complex geometry models.

China 3D Printer

Using Digital Materials for 3D Printing

Industrial 3D Printer Application

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