Injection Molding
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At ODM Works, our plastic injection molding capabilities include not only straight injection molding, but compression injection molding and overmolding as well. We work with a variety of thermoplastic materials, such as ABS, acetal, nylon, and polyethylene, among others, to provide components used in the food service, small appliances, arts and crafts, gardening, sporting and other industries.

Using compression injection molding processes, very tight tolerances can be held for even complex and unique contours. The result of compression injection molding is an extremely accurate part with low stress characteristics and no sink marks. However, this process is more complex than straight injection molding and as such, requires advanced machinery and  comprehensive knowledge of plastic molding. We have both the expertise and experience needed to assist customers in selecting the ideal molding process for their application.

Overmolding allows us to produce multi-component assemblies with exceptional durability and seamless aesthetics. Inserts used in the overmolding process can be stamped in-house, injection molded out of thermoplastic, sourced externally, or provided by the customer. The overmolding process is extremely versatile and provides a great deal of design freedom, as it allows engineers to create designs with multiple materials. In this way, metal or high strength plastics can be used where strength is required, while tactile types of polymer materials can be used on the outer surface of the part.

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