How Much Is 3D Printing a Model?

Nov 27, 2017

Now why China 3D Printer is becoming more and more important, reason lies in the continuous research, continuous innovation. For example, we have something that we want to see, then we can do it with 3D printer, the real use of 3D printing to achieve technology. About the price, according to your needs for certain processing, then the demand is not the same, the model is also diverse, natural prices also have a certain difference. 

Generally speaking, 3D printing is charged by gram, because users use different materials, prices are different, the same material will also have domestic and import, good precision and bag precision and so on. So even the same material prices will be different. Metals must be more expensive than plastics. ODM will according to customer demand for a certain distinction. The special requirements will not charge according to the above. ODM can supply Plastic 3D Printer, sample 3D printer with high quality.

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