The Purpose of Heating Before Hot Forging Manufacturing Process

Jan 10, 2018

The forging process at the metal recrystallization temperature above is called Hot Forging Manufacturing Process. Hot forging is also called hot die forging. When forging, the flow of deformation metal is intense, the contact time of forging and the die is longer. Therefore, the mold material is required to have high thermal stability, high temperature strength and hardness, wear resistance, easy to process. 

The purpose of heating before the meal blank forging is to improve the metal plasticity, reduce the deformation resistance, make it easy to flow forming and get good after forging. Heating before forging has direct impact on improving forging productivity, ensuring the quality of forgings and saving energy consumption. According to the different heat sources used, the heating methods of metal blank can be divided into two categories: flame heating and electric heating. ODM also can supply Cold Forging Manufacturing Process service, welcome to contact us.

Hot Forging Manufacturing Process

The Heating Method of Hot Forging Manufacturing Process

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