The Heating Method of Hot Forging Manufacturing Process

Jan 17, 2018

1.Flame heating. It use fuel in the flame heating furnace combustion temperature of gas containing large amount of heat, through convection and radiation to heat the surface of the blank, then from the surface to the center of the heat conduction, then heating the metal blank. This advantage is the fuel source is convenient, the furnace building is simple, heating cost is low, the adaption is wide. But the working condition is poor, heating speed is slow, heating quality is difficult to control and so on. 

2.Electric heating. This use heat metal billets by converting electrical energy into thermal energy. There are induction heating, contact electric heating, resistance furnace heating and salt bath heating.

For a certain size of the blank, to be heated to the specified temperature, a certain amount of heat should be produced. The characteristic of contact electric heating is fast heating speed, less metal burning, unlimited heating temperature range, high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, low cost, etc. 

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