Temperature Range Determination of Hot Forging Manufacturing Process

Jan 20, 2018

Hot Forging Manufacturing Process is carried out in a certain temperature range. The steel forging temperature range refers to the temperature range between initial forging temperature and final forging temperature. 

The basic principle of determining the forging temperature range is ensuring the steel has high plasticity, low deformation resistance and high quality Forging Machine Parts. At the same time, the forging temperature range is as wide as possible, so as to reduce the heating times and improve the forging productivity.

The basic way to determine the temperature is based on the balance diagram of steel, then referring to the plastic diagram, resistance diagram and recrystallization diagram. Through comprehensive analyze to determine the initial and final forging temperature.

In general, the carbon steel temperature range can be directly determined according to iron carbon diagram. For most alloy structural steels, the range can be considered as the carbon steel with same carbon content.

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