Precautions for Installation of Plastic Injection Mould

Jan 24, 2018

1.Before loading injection molding machine, it need appropriate inspection, facilitate detect problems and repair timely. 

2.Install the inclined guide mold: when the mold is mounted, two people should cooperate closely. 

3.Fastening Plastic Injection Mold.

4.Adjust the ejection distance of the ejector pin. Avoid damage to the mould.

5.Adjust the closing tightness. To avoid the overflow edge problem, ensure the cavity with proper venting. 

6.Switch on the cooling water: when the die is installed and debugged, connected cooling water, at the same time, it is necessary to check if it is smooth, and there is no leakage phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal application of Custom Plastic Injection Mould.

Custom Plastic Injection Mould

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