The Bigger The 3D Printer, The Better?

Jan 04, 2018

3D Printer is not strange, especially in the manufacturing industry, medical biology. Is the bigger the 3d printer, the better? China 3D Printer mainly has problems of layer shifting, cutting off, power failure and so on. 

Cutting detection is usually in the vicinity of the control line and not in the extruder, if supplies in extruder disconnect, printer consumables supply will still be considered normal. The phenomenon of moving layer is mostly caused by the lack of motor strength. Large 3D pritner in order to save cost, adopt the mode of belt drive, which will indirectly affect the precision of the model indirectly. The weight of large 3D printers is generally heavy. In the process of transportation, the whole machine needs machine handling, which is not practical for ordinary users. 

Thus, the large 3D printer gimmick rather than the actual use. In the pursuit of accuracy, a small 3d printer and print batches maybe you can get better effect.

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