Difference between High Speed Low Pressure Compression Plastic Injection Molding and Traditional One

Jul 18, 2017

The high speed low pressure Compression Plastic Injection Molding and traditional injection molding difference is about the traditional injection molding control injection rate in the injection process, injection molding and high speed low pressure control during injection is the constant injection pressure and injection pressure. In the high-speed and low-pressure injection molding process, the injection rate is varied, and the injection rate begins at a high rate. As the injection time is prolonged, the injection rate decreases gradually to eliminate the internal stress of the product and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product. In high speed injection, the pressure of melt is very low. It is easy to control the viscous flow characteristics of the melt. As a result of constant pressure injection, the high speed low-pressure injection molding machine has a special oil pressure system. Multi chamber hydraulic injection system is adopted.

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