What Is Injection Molding

Jul 20, 2017

Injection Molding is a compression molding in which a certain volume (60%-70%) of molten plastic is injected into an open mold cavity and then closed, a mold, a compression melt, a cavity filled, and an optical lens forming technique. When forming die before complete closure, the mould core part is provided with a step. When the melt is injected into the cavity will not leak; when the melt after injected, the second clamping by closing piston dedicated, melt will be flow again, then compacted.

Injection molding a compression molding applications: thin-walled products, optical media and lenses between products, disk gate, round products (wheel cover plate, CD), glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

We supply Custom Injection Mould to finish this process.

Custom Injection Mould


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