Considerations when choosing injection molding manufacturer

Aug 31, 2016

While searching for an injection molding manufacturer, it's prudent to not only look for a competitive price but also to consider the value added benefits of a full service facility:

  1. Can you communicate with them effectively?

  2. Are they responsive?

  3. Do they understand the application and requirements of your product?

  4. Are they accountable for the product they deliver?

  5. Can they meet deadlines consistently?

  6. Will they cut corners on the injection mold knowing they can make up for it with cheaper labor?

  7. If you decide to move your mold, will you have any trouble retrieving it?

  8. If you move your mold will another molder be able to run it without modification?

These are questions you should ask yourself when looking for an plastic injection molding supplier, and questions that we at ODM have made an integral part of our business culture. With design assistance, prototyping rebates, a lifetime mold guarantee, and flexible customer service, it will be worth your time to get a free quote today.

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