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Aug 06, 2016

Some people ask me who is your partner. They think our company is so widely that makes it unrealistic. Today, I will tell you who we serve, thus you can have a cooperation with us relieved.

We work with companies, industrial designers, individuals and assist inventors with the development of new products.

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Plastic injection mold products manufactured at Peliton include agricultural products, kitchen products, toys, tools, promotional products, auto parts, home and office products, kitchenware and much more. Please see the Sample Custom Made Plastic Products page for more details and photos. If you already have CAD drawings then it's just a matter of quoting the work. If you do not have drawings we suggest talking with an industrial designer. Remember product design is the key to your success. We will work with your designer every step of the way, insuring a quality product. We also offer Project Management to coordinate with outside tooling shops in the area for major tooling needs. The tool builders that we like to use are all within driving range so that if any issues arise they can be addressed immediately.

Blow Molded Part Finish

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Sinotools Industry


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