The advantages about cold forging manufacturing processes(2)

Jun 25, 2016

Since cold forging manufacturing processes is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing process which including hammer forging services, forging machine parts. I continue to tell you the advantages about it.

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4. Improve the mechanical properties of parts

In the cold extrusion process, the metal material in the next three to varying compressive stress. After extrusion, the grain structure of the metal material is more dense metal flow lines will not be cut off and become a continuous distribution along the contour of the extruded metal flow lines. Meanwhile, the use of cold extrusion of metal material properties of cold deformation hardening, the strength of the cold extrusion of greatly improved, thereby providing the possibility of using low-strength steel instead of high strength steel.

5. A high dimensional accuracy can be obtained and a small part of surface roughness values

By cold extrusion parts surface quality is very good. In the cold extrusion process, the metal surface by a smooth surface screed mold under high pressure, the surface roughness of small parts, surface strength has been greatly improved. Usually cold extrusion parts surface roughness Ra of at least 0.63 ~ 1.25μm or more. Visible, cold extrusion processing components, some parts may remain small allowance, leave allowance can not even meet the technical requirements on product design.

6. Reduce the process, shortening the production cycle

Cold extrusion process is carried out in a closed plastic deformation of the metal mold cavity, resulting extrusion is no burr, it is no longer needed trimming (or punching) subsequent step, thereby shortening the production cycle.

7. Reduce equipment investment

Compared with the forging process, due to the cold extrusion no flash, it can save a trimming die and trimming presses, significantly reducing the investment in equipment. In addition, cold extrusion processing, on a dedicated cold extrusion presses may be performed on a universal hydraulic machine can also be designed specifically for the cold extrusion press in the non-conventional progressive, such as general press or friction press .

8. Reduce production costs of parts

Since the cold extrusion can greatly reduce raw materials and metal cutting working hours, it will inevitably reduce the manufacturing cost of the parts. For example, the production of automotive piston pin in three ways: cold extrusion, bar cutting and machining seamless steel pipe. Cold extrusion piston pin lowest cost relative to bar cutting costs by 45%, compared with the seamless steel pipe as a raw material and processing costs by 29%.

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The advantages about cold forging manufacturing processes(1)

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