The advantages about cold forging manufacturing processes(1)

Jun 22, 2016

Why cold forging manufacturing processes is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing process. Such as hammer forging services, forging machine parts. Because it has significant advantages in technically and economically as follows.

cold forging manufacturing processes

1. Reduc consumption of raw materials significantly

Cold forging manufacturing is a metal forming processing methods. It does not destroy the premise of the metal and the metal transfer volume made of plastic, to small chips without leaving the chip metal molded into the desired shape and size of parts. This avoids a lot of scrap metal cutting and sometimes the formation of a significant reduction in steel and non-ferrous metal materials, metal materials can make make 1t 2t, even 3 ~ 5t purposes.

2. Improve labor productivity

Cold forging machine parts is carried out in the press, easy to operate, easy to grasp, and has high productivity. For example: iron base material is relatively soft, the cutting performance is poor, difficult machining, cold extrusion, not only significant savings in raw materials, and increased productivity 30 times.

3. Parts of complex shape can be formed

Complex machining operations in a reciprocating linear motion of the press, and can be made into the shape of complex parts. Shaped pieces such as thin-walled, ribbed tubular parts, complex shape, small size and demanding. If using the method of manufacturing cutting, not only low productivity, material consumption, but also in the manufacturing method was very difficult; but with the cold extrusion process it is very convenient.

The advantages about cold forging manufacturing processes(2)

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