Design Principle of Metal Stamping Parts

Oct 09, 2017

1.The design of stamping parts and products must meet the technical performance, and can facilitate the assembly and repair, high quality Injection Molding preferred ODM Works.

2.The stamping design must be conducive to enhancing the utilization of metal materials, reducing materials consumption as much as possible. 

3.Stamping Industrial Design must be simple shape, reasonable structure, in order to simplify the mould structure, the number of processes, to improve labor productivity.

4.The design of stamping parts, to ensure the normal use, try to make the size precision and surface roughness requirements low grade, it is conducive to the exchange of products. 

5.The design of stamping parts should help as much as possible to carry on the processing and use of existing equipment and process, and to prolong the service life of the die.

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