Basic Knowledge of Forging Manufacturing Process

Oct 13, 2017

Forging Manufacturing Process is an external force applied to the metal blank, make it produce plastic deformation, change the size, shape and improve the performance. Forging is a processing method for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools. 

When the temperature is more than 300-400 degrees, and reaches 700-800, the deformation resistance will decrease sharply and deformation energy will be greatly improved. According to the forging in different temperature regions, different forging quality and forging process requirements, it can be divided into cold forging, hot forging, warm forging three molding temperature region, they have no strict limit for the division. Generally speaking, the forging in the temperature zone with recrystallization is called hot forging, the forging without heating at room temperature is called cold forging. ODM Works can supply Cold Forging Manufacturing Processes, hot forging manufacturing processes with best quality and service.

Forging Manufacturing Process

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