The history about casting

May 19, 2016

The applications of casting have a long history. Ancient people used to cast some household appliances. In modern times, casting mainly used for rough machine parts, such as auto parts casting, which also be used as stainless casting. For example, a tractors, casting mechanical products occupy a large proportion, which weight about 50 to 70% by weight of the whole, agricultural machinery accounted for 40 to 70%, machine tools, internal combustion engines and the like 70 to 90%.


All kinds of castings, machinery castings varieties up, the shape of the most complex, the amount is the largest, accounting for about 60% of total production of castings. Followed by the ingot mold metallurgical and engineering pipeline, as well as some of the tools of life.

Castings are also closely related to daily life. For example, often use the door, locks, radiators, down the water pipes, pots, gas hob, iron, which all are cast.

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