3 major dangers and the causes in forging process

May 17, 2016

We can do one-stop service, we also can only do forging, such forging auto parts, hammer forging services, forging machine parts. As we all know, there are many dangers during the forging process. Today, I will share you with 3 major dangers and causes in the forging process.

Forging Auto Parts

First, the mechanical injury;

Second, burns;

Third, the electrical contact injuries.

The cause analysis of forging shop accidents

1. Need protection area, the lack of protective equipment and safety devices.

2. Guard imperfect device or use.

3. Production equipment itself is flawed or wrong.

4. Damage to equipment or tools and working conditions inadequate.

5. Faulty die and anvil.

6. Confusion on the organization and management of the workplace.

7. The method of process operation and repair of auxiliary work done inappropriately.

8. Personal protective equipment such as safety glasses faulty, overalls and work shoes do not meet the conditions of work.

9. When several people carry out a job, inconsistent with each other.

10. Lack of technical education and safety knowledge, so that the use of incorrect procedures and methods.

The history about casting

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