Characteristics of Lubrication System in Vertical Machining Center

Aug 30, 2017

1.Vertical Machining Center lubrication system is environmental protection and no pollution. Because there will be no oil and fog spewing, the surrounding environment is not contaminated.

2.Supplying accurate fuel. By increasing the regulating valve, the oil will be transported to the main shaft and the screw rod lubrication points according to different needs.

3.There is no difficulty in atomizing high viscosity lubricants, it is suitable for any oil product.

4.Automatic detection and monitoring. This can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal, if the lubrication is bad, you can call to stop to avoid abnormal operation of the equipment.

5.Especially suitable for the main shaft of the rolling bearing, with a certain air cooling effect. It can reduce the bearing running temperature, then prolonging spindle service life.

6.Small fuel consumption and cost saving.

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