What Is the Advantage of 3D Printing Ceramic Tile?

Nov 21, 2017

General ceramic tile material is cement or some other industrialized generation, but this and 3D print out tiles, is completely two kinds of products. Not only color diversity, and the service life is long. Special 3D Printer technology make the ceramic tile texture pattern lifelike, application field is wide. The prominent is acid and alkali resistance, long service life, UV resistance, no fading.

The picture and its surface is smooth and bright, crystal clear. Through high temperature sintering, melting into a thin layer of glass glaze. Or by polishing process, the glaze layer more shiny, smooth, transparent, colorful. It is harmless, tasteless, non radiation. The 3D printing ceramic tile art is particularly strong. As a 3D Printer Supplier in China, ODM Works supply plastic 3D printer, and other customized service, drawings, welcome to contact us for more information.

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