The Future Development Technology of Forging Auto Parts Industry

Nov 01, 2017

The future development of Forging Auto Parts industry has the following aspects:

1.Emerging sensor technology: sensors as the basic components of sensor networks, will have broad prospects for development in the future.

2.Industrial wireless communication network technology.

3.Functional safety technology and safety instruments. The purpose is to prevent abnormal accidents in industrial facilities, so as to endanger the safety of personal and equipment.

4.Precision machining technology and special process technology.

5.System integration and application technology. 

6.Intelligent technology: it has the feature of self calibration and self detection, self diagnosis, adaptive function with complex calculation and error correction. 

With the development of technology and popularity of network technology, the technology will have a breakthrough, China Forging Parts Industry will become a science and technology, accuracy will be increasingly high. 

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