Application of 3D Printer on Injection Mould

Nov 08, 2017

Increasing mature 3D printing has now bearing the technical domain of the Custom Injection Mould, it has closer development for our industry. CNC machining is the most commonly used technology in the manufacture of dies. Although it can provide highly reliable results, it is also expensive and time-consuming. 3D printing can make molds. Especially small batch production, shape is more complex, it is suitable for 3d printing to complete.

Today, 3D Printer can print various materials, brought great convenience to many industries, like automotive, aerospace, medical and so on. 3D printing mold reduce manufacturing costs, shortened die production cycle, add more functionality to terminal products. 

3D Printer

What Can 3D Printer Print?

What Should Be Pay Attention in Forging Manufacturing Process?

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