Technological Development of Hot and Cold Forging Manufacturing Processes

Aug 23, 2017

Here is technological development of cold and Hot Forging Manufacturing Processes.

The development of Cold Forging Manufacturing Processes is the development of high value-added products, reducing the production cost. At the same time, it continues to cutting, powder metallurgy, casting, forging, sheet metal forming field penetration or instead, it can also be combined and the process of composite technology. Hot forging-cold forging compound plastic forming technology is a new precision metal. Hot forging and cold forging combined forming process, it makes full use of the hot forging and cold forging advantages: hot metal with good plasticity and flow stress is low, so the deformation mainly for hot forging. Complete. Cold forging precision is high, so the important dimensions of the parts with the cold forging process to the final forming parts. Hot forging-cold forging compound plastic forming technology appeared in 1980s, since 90s has been more and more widely used, with the technology of manufactured parts, has achieved good results to improve the accuracy and reduce the cost.

Cold Forging Manufacturing Processes


Technical Requirement of Cold Forging Manufacturing Processes

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