China Hand Tools Design Service and Advantages

Mar 09, 2018

ODM Works supply professional industry design, aluminum machining, casting service, Hand tools Design Service for many years. 

1.Our samples and products has rapid implementation, rapid production of small batch. 

2.The product surface can achieve good processing, all with good wrestling resistance, high precision.

3.The size of the large processing can reach 1000*600*600mm, to meet the demand of large shell parts such as automobile parts, machine and other parts. 

4.We have advanced measurement technology, the error is controlled in the 0.01mm. 

5.Our technical personnel have years of experience in the forging and machining design service industry. 

6.We have various materials and complex parts machining with high process, like Aluminum Motorcycle Parts, investment casting part and so on. 

Any requirements, feel free to contact us. 

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