Hot Forging Manufacturing Processes and Its Temperature

Aug 03, 2017

Forging according to the billet in the processing temperature can be divided into Hot Forging Manufacturing Processes and cold forging. Cold forging is usually done at room temperature, and hot forging is done at higher recrystallization temperatures than the billet metal. Sometimes it will be in a heating state, but when the temperature does not exceed the recrystallization temperature, the forging is called warm forging. However, this division is not completely unified in production.

The forging temperature range refers to a temperature interval between the start of the metal and the final forging temperature. In order to prevent overheating and overheating, the starting temperature and the final forging temperature need to be determined properly. The basic method of setting up the heating temperature is based on the iron carbon balance diagram of the steel. The plastic resistance diagram and the recrystallization diagram of the reference material are combined to determine the heating temperature.

Hot Forging Manufacturing Processes

What Do You Want to Achieve in Hot Forging Manufacturing Processes?

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