How to Detect The Hardware When 3D Printer Is Not Out of Material?

Dec 25, 2017

When China 3D Printer is printing, if you do not get the consumables, it is not only hardware problem, but also software problems, even the quality of consumables. 

1.Low quality consumables: in fact, as long as it is not used in industrial production, ordinary people can not know the strength and hardness, flexibility of consumables. For ordinary users, 3D printing supplies is good or bad, can be known through the normal print.

2.The work of extruder is normal or not. As far as the current extruder is concerned, the motor is usually driven by another elastic gear, which controls the consumables input to the nozzle normally. In the event of a problem, must check whether the motor gear operate or not.

3.Nozzle clogging. The nozzle blockage is divided into two kinds: internal clogging and external clogging. The internal blockage is usually caused by the carbonization of the consumables for long time at high temperature, it is necessary to dredge them after heating. But for woody consumables, it must be dredged immediately after use, otherwise it will cause the wood powder to block up nozzle completely, and it can not be removed easily, the nozzle must be replaced.

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